8th biennial tender

Biennial architecture thesis tender aimed at selecting unedited doctoral theses for subsequent publication in one of the collections edited by the Arquia Foundation. Calls held: 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011.

Requirements for participation

1. Aim of the tender

The Arquia Foundation aims to promote and foster cultural activities in the field of architecture. Included in these activities is the arquia/thesis collection, aimed at the publication of doctoral theses of architecture considered relevant due to their contribution to architectural knowledge, once revised and adapted by their respective authors. The arquia/thesis collection thus aims to make valuable material available to those interested in architectural studies that would otherwise be difficult to access.

With the intention of increasing the editorial section of said collection, the Arquia Foundation holds a biennial tender to select unedited doctoral theses.

2. Candidates

Spanish architects who were awarded their doctorates by any school or faculty of architecture in the world can apply, as well as international architects who gained their doctorate from any Spanish school of architecture.

3. Documentation requested

In the first phase of the tender, participants must present the abstract of the thesis and a dossier of a maximum of twenty pages, written in Spanish, which contains the table of contents of the thesis, the summary of the contents and a brief explanation of the actions the author considers necessary for the thesis to be converted into a book.

4. Composition of the jury

The jury will be composed of:
José Manuel López&EmDash;Peláez (President): Professor of architectural projects at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid.
Elisa Valero Ramos: Professor of architectural projects at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Granada.
Cristina Gastón Guirao: Lecturer of architectural projects at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona.
Emilio Tuñón Álvarez, as a trustee and representing the Arquia Foundation.

The Director of the arquia/thesis collection, Carlos Martí Arís, Professor of Design Projects at the Superior Technical School of Architects of Barcelona, will act as secretary, whereby he will have a voice but no vote.

5. Calendar

The submission period for the required documentation will start on 11 April 2011 and end on 8 June 2011.

Each member of the jury will select a maximum of four theses from the dossiers submitted for the final stage of the tender.

In the first week of September 2011, the participants selected for the final stage will be requested to submit a complete copy of the thesis.

The jury will meet during the first week of December in order to take a decision with regards to the tender. This decision will be announced in the second half of December 2011.

6. Awards

The jury can award a maximum of two awards and four honourable mentions. The awards consist of the Arquia Foundation committing to edit the doctoral theses.

The editing commitment will be conditioned by the necessary redrafting work, to be made by the author of the thesis according to the editorial criteria of the Arquia Foundation.

The theses that obtain a "mention" will take preference in the publishing schedules of the Arquia Foundation.

The tender may be declared void. The decision on the tender will be communicated to the participants by email and will be final.

7. Registration procedure

To register, the participant must pre-register by completing the form that can be accessed from the Register option at the bottom of the left side menu and by selecting Register as an architect option.

The registration procedure is as follows:

  • Registration application: to apply to register, the form created for this purpose must be completed by selecting the following consecutive options: Register and Register as an architect and by clicking the Submit button.
  • Confirmation of registration: once the registration application has been sent, a summary of the registration data provided by the architect will appear on screen, which must be accepted by clicking the Submit button.
  • Within a brief period of time and subject to validation of the data by the Foundation, reception at the email address provided by the participant of a message confirming that they are registered in the "arquia/thesis tender" and can participate in the new architectural thesis biennial tender.
    The registration application implies unreserved acceptance of the terms of use.
  • Submission of the required files via the Private area created for the user.
    Participation in the new call will be confirmed once these files have been sent. To do so, the participant must access their private area from the website www.arquia.es/concursotesis via the user (email address) and password that they provided on the form, entering them in the section created for this purpose on the left side menu.

The eighth call of the biennial doctoral thesis of architecture tender of the Foundation was made possible thanks to funding from the Arquia Caja de Arquitectos Education and Promotion Fund.

Arquia Foundation
April 2011

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